About the Company.

History of the creation of the company «Аlliance Medicine Service» GmbH begins at 2006 when the group of enthusiasts in Hamburg was engaged in the organization of different medical events (assemblies, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops) in the Russian Federation, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and France.

Meanwhile more than 35 events was held with ever more 1000 experts and leading managers of the healthcare, representatives of legislative and executive, trade unions, medical civil society organisations from Russia, CIS and Europe.

As a result of these successful activities the company «Alliance Medicine Service» GmbH was formed.

The main branches of activities of the «Alliance Medicine Service» GmbH are:

  • Management of onsite trainings of doctors in leading clinics in Germany;
  • Management of events for physicians and social insurance employees;
  • Management of diagnostics, medical treatment and rehabilitation of russian patients in Europe;
  • Arrangement of check-ups.   
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